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Guide to Every Wastelander Challenge and Beacon Locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Taking on the wasteland warriors and claiming their nitro-fueled vehicles and mythic weapons does sound exciting for any Fortnite Battle Royale gamer. However, the wastelands now present you with new challenges called ‘wasteland challenges’ designed to significantly alter your gameplay. If you’re going to beat these challenges, do it while looking good; buy Fortnite skins at friendly prices from U7BUY!

The new Fortnite Battle Royale chapter 5 season 3 mainly focuses on vehicular warfare instead of traditional gunplay, and the Fortnite wastelander challenges are a new mechanic that was designed for hardcore players who are looking for a bit more of a challenge from the game; if you are one of these hardcore players then the wastelander challenges are just for you! So load up on some V-bucks, and let me guide you through every wastelander challenge Fortnite and beacon location.

What Exactly Are the Wastelander Challenges?

The Fortnite Wastelander challenges are difficult tasks that tie you to a negative attribute. You might think, “That doesn’t sound fun,”  but after you complete accolades while a Wastelander challenge Fortnite is active, you get rewarded with bonus XP and a free cosmetic.

You can accept these wastelander challenges using wasteland beacons spread across Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 island.

Track Down Every Wastelander Beacon in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3!

There are four wastelander beacons in total, and each will grant you a random challenge. Before accepting a challenge, you’ll be shown which wastelander challenge Fortnite you’re being offered, so there’s no need to worry. As for the beacons, you’ll notice that they are large machines that resemble a pile of junk or a modern art sculpture!

Here are the current wastelander beacon locations:

  • Beacon 1 is located near Rebel’s Roost POI.
  • Beacon 2 is in the Far East of Classy Courts POI at Slumberyard Landmark.
  • Beacon 3 is located to the South of Reckless Railways POI at Dumpenhausen Landmark.
  • Beacon 4 is right under the Megalo Depot Landmark to the Southeast of Brutal Beachhead.

Just get close to one of these wasteland beacons and press the interact key to get a challenge.

Conquer Every Wastelander Challenge in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

It’s now time for the fun part. The six wastelander challenges are as follows:

1. Jammed clips

For the entire match, reloading will be disabled.

2. Full throttle

You’ll be challenged with taking damage while standing still for the entire match.

3. Burnin’ hot items

You’ll take damage for the entire match whenever you pick up items.

4. The ground is lava

For the entire match, you’ll take damage when touching the ground.

5. Unshielded

Shields will be disabled for the entire match.

6. Perma-damage

You will not be able to use health and shield items for the entire match.

All these challenges are available to you at random rotations at any one of the beacons. You can’t take a challenge before the second storm circle closes in. As for the progress of your assigned challenge, head over to your inventory to view it.

Epic Fortnite Wastelander Challenges Rewards

If you still have doubts about taking on the wastelander challenges, it might be worth reminding you of all the massive XP you’ll get from accolades and along your account level once these challenging tasks are completed. What’s more, you’ll also get a wastelander’s mark wrap to equip in your locker. I’d say that these wastelander challenges are worth it!


That’s it on the guide to every wastelander challenge and beacon location in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3. Remember to fully stock up on weapons and ammo before you begin these quests. Make sure that your health and shield bars are also full. After all, you never know what to expect from one of these beacons.



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